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Khuzestan Energy Technology Area (KETA)

Khuzestan Energy Technology Area (KETA) that was created in the early 1970’s, has a private nature. It was originally an industrial area, then grew and became an industrial cluster. It is now rapidly becoming a science and technology cluster.
This technological area includes the following components:

  • Management organization of Khuzestan Energy Technology Area
  • Industrial cluster (more than 400 private factories)
  • Research centers and Universities
  • Science & Technology Park
  • Facilities and institutional infrastructure
  • Venture capital, third-party inspection and insurance for projects
  • Major oil, gas, petrochemical and power market

Our vision is to establish a long-lasting relationship with world pioneer companies to provide world-class service and technology to the KETA. The province has access to sea ports and roads to neighboring countries. This improves the marketing capacity beyond the national markets.

Technology strategy in KETA is “technological catch-up” in the oil and energy industries.